[Bug 282361] Use system-wide setting for opening new chats with single/double click

christian tacke lordbluelight at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 02:30:19 UTC 2011


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--- Comment #6 from christian tacke <lordbluelight gmx de>  2011-11-09 02:30:18 ---
Hi guys,

at least Kopete used a single click to open a chat - and that was the prior KDE
Chat program.

And: system settings uses a single click in the normal view to access a config.
and starting a chat is - at least to me - no different from opening a folder or
a file.
KMail2 uses a single click to show a Message or open a folder (double click on
folder starts renaming)
KDE's menu uses single click.
Akgregator: click on group does nothing (use small arrow symbol), double click
on group starts renaming. Single click on Feed opens the feed.

I'm totally on Alin M Elena's side here.

In fact I'm not a fan of double click opening in general... I've seen people
double clicking in the Windows menu oder double clicking a link in firefox.
A single click to open is more natural - see all current touch devices. The
only reason I see for double click opening is marking - which was resolved
quite good in KDE without double click.

Kontact list of telepathy is currently a bit raw - but I'm really looking
forward to see more. Good job.

Greets Christian

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