Git migration

George Goldberg grundleborg at
Mon Oct 11 10:41:47 CEST 2010

Good news everyone - the git migration is complete :)

This means we can now start committing again. provides details of the new

And of course, remember the new commit/review workflow Olli presented
at the Telepathy sprint (or ask oggis or andrunko on IRC if you



On 7 October 2010 11:22, George Goldberg <grundleborg at> wrote:
> Progress update:
> The git repositories are ready on my hard disk, and sysadmin say
> they'll get our repos up soon (just once they've made sure the first
> batch of migrations are OK).
> --
> George
> On 6 October 2010 13:50, George Goldberg <grundleborg at> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Executive Summary: Please do not commit anything to svn now, because
>> we are moving to git.
>> It's git migration time :D
>> I've written the rules and am just double checking them at the moment.
>> I've also cleared it with the sysadmins that they should be able to
>> get us live on this week. So, I just need to do a full
>> svn2git run with the latest commits. This means we need to stop
>> commiting to svn *now*. If this is a big problem for anyone, please
>> let me know asap, but remember that if you have pending changes, you
>> can just copy your svn working directory on top of your git checkout
>> once the git repos are live.
>> Cheers,
>> George

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