Review Request: Synchronize tp-integration-daemon with subscription/publication states and newly added contacts

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Wed Mar 31 21:14:24 CEST 2010

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Review request for telepathy and George Goldberg.


This patch makes tp-integration-daemon pick up the changes done at a subscription/publication level to telepathy contacts. Bottom line: now adding/removing contacts from tp-contactlist no longer screws up your nepomuk database.

Please note that tp-contactlist won't pick up changes in realtime: you have to restart it to see the effect. This is because tp-contactlist does not watch nepomuk resources for changes (my next target, after this patch and the other one will make it in)

BEWARE: this patch is dependent on another patch (eww) to Tp-Qt4, which lies in fd.o bug 27379, and will hopefully make it in before this patch will get merged.

Blocking contacts will come in a further revision, since I need some ontology changes.


  /trunk/playground/network/telepathy-integration-daemon/telepathyaccount.h 1109698 
  /trunk/playground/network/telepathy-integration-daemon/telepathyaccount.cpp 1109698 
  /trunk/playground/network/telepathy-integration-daemon/telepathycontact.h 1109698 
  /trunk/playground/network/telepathy-integration-daemon/telepathycontact.cpp 1109698 



Works, as shown in tp-contactlist.



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