[KDE-Sonnet] Some language related services

Jordi mumismo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 23:46:23 CET 2007


I have thought about a couple of languages related services that may be 

- IIRC the code of Kiten (japanese-english dictionary in kde-edu) contains a 
pretty README about what the authors wanted Kiten became (just read it for 
technical details). 
They wanted a dictionary service, not limited to any specific language. 
Something like a service that can have its owns dictionaries, use ditc.com , 
wikictionary or whatever. 
It can be used for Kiten itself and to create a KDE equivalent to the superb 
God_how_I_love_it Stardict . 

- A translation service. I know it is similar to those thousand 
yes_I_also_did_one extensions of firefox (the easiest way is just to connet 
to some page and get the translation). But with a translation service, we can 
add this functionality to konqueror, kword, kmail, Amarok (for lyrics :P), 

- A wikipedia related service. Amarok already uses wikipedia. I think that 
wikipedia will be a source of knowledge for the desktop. I'm still not sure 
how it will be so, but I'm sure of it :P

So we have a pretty lot of interesting things to do with a given text (Some 
more difficult to achieve than others). Given a text or word:

- Guess its language (being developed, good progress)
- Check its spell (being developed, good progress)
- Check its grammar (no much free software available to do it)
- Check its style (same as before)
- Know its definition (dictionary service needed, should be easy)
- Know related information (wikipedia service needed)
- Translate it (translation service needed, should be easy )

Are all these intersting for KDE or freedesktop?

Jordi Polo

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