[kde-solaris] Issues with SUNWgamin port and KDirWatch

Moinak Ghosh moinakg at belenix.org
Tue Sep 22 19:38:43 CEST 2009

Hi Folks,

   Please check this post for an issue I faced while getting KDE 4
to work properly on BeleniX:

Since KDE is delivered as an integrated part of BeleniX I use all the
packages already part of the distro. This includes JDS packages
adapted and modified to suit both Gnome and KDE - wherever there
are common dependencies like DBUS etc.

Now JDS delivers a Gamin port that uses File Event Notification on
Solaris and I found issues while using that with KDE4. I think
KDirWatch can be improved by handling subscriptions in new threads
and having one dedicate thread for handling notification events. The
current approach seems broken to me.


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