[kde-solaris] g++ or sun compiler?

Thorsten Hirsch t.hirsch at web.de
Tue Dec 15 23:47:46 CET 2009

Thank you.

Well, Adriaan's presentation is actually way too complicated for me
'cause I don't have much C++ background. But I try to get more
familiar with it here in the KDE project ...on OSol. :-)

After clearing that bug yesterday
(https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=211389) I was able to build
kdelibs trunk on OSol snv_129 with gcc 3.4.2 myself. I haven't got any
further since, because I experienced a lot of i/o errors on my kde's
zfs partition ...maybe all these OSol updates with more recent zfs
versions don't work so well with an outdated zfs partition. So I did a
"zpool upgrade" and "zfs upgrade", and even a "zpool scrub" to repair
all the problems. Now I'm pretty optimistic that I can build some more
kde modules within the next days...

One more question - which one is the correct kde-qt branch for kde
trunk? I was able to build 4.6tp1 some months ago, but now
4.6.0-stable-patched and 4.6-patched fail.


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