[kde-solaris] g++ or sun compiler?

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 15 10:12:29 CET 2009

Thorsten Hirsch wrote:
> Hi,
> as far as I've followed your discussions, it seems that most of you
> are using the SunStudio compiler. Is there a special reason for this?
> The compiler notes of Qt 4.6
> (http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.6/compiler-notes.html) say, that Sun CC
> doesn't support all the features, e.g. WebKit is not supported. And -
> it's been some months since I tried Sun CC - it also failed to compile
> the concurrent examples.
> Since osol ships g++ 3.4.2, which is fully supported (or am I wrong?),
> I thought it would be better to use the GNU compiler.

there are projects using the gcc to build KDE on (Open)Solaris, AFAIK.

The project being discussed eg. on kde-discuss at opensolaris.org and 
#kde-solaris at freenet.de has decided to use the Studio Compiler for its 
perceived benefits; these have been discussed quite a bit on these lists, 
if memory serves, and you can most likely find them with a little search 
effort. If not, there's people much better suited to re-iterating those 
reasons than I am, so I'll refrain from that exercise :-)

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