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LeBar, Russell J Russell.J.LeBar at erac.com
Wed May 14 00:11:07 CEST 2008

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> From: Quayle, Bill [mailto:Bill.Quayle at cmegroup.com]
> Thanks for the tip, Re: encryption mode.  Some of our users
> have noticed repaint "flashing" in certain Java applications,
> and it's been driving them a bit batty.  We'll give this a
> shot to see if it helps.
> Solaris 10 U4 + SRSS 4 U2 + CSW Blastwave KDE 3.4 at work.
> Fedora 8 + SRSS 4 U2 + KDE 3.5.9-5 at home.

SRSS 3.1 here on Solaris 8 running a self-compiled KDE 3.22. We're looking to move to Solaris 10 right now. I'm not sure why it improved repaints so I'm not sure it will help you. I got the impression that repaint information was being transmitted to the Sun Ray differently and it just happened to work out better for us. FYI, we're running everything off of 100-Full Cisco gear (including on the Sun Ray server).

FYI, Java is not always as color friendly (at least under X-Windows -- Citrix had some info on this since it was much more noticeable under MetaFrame for UNIX). If you are using CRT monitors you might also try bumping up the refresh rate (to a minimum of 85 Hz if possible). If you are using LCDs then make sure you are running at the native resolution and the preferred refresh rate.

> I've been meaning to upgrade to KDE 4 at home, maybe it would
> be a good test?

I have yet to try KDE 4 out. I got the impression that it was pushed out the door to get a platform out there for developers, etc. to play with. It's useable but I think KDE 4.1 will be the first really good KDE 4.x version.

-- Russ

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