[kde-solaris] SRSS + KDE4

LeBar, Russell J Russell.J.LeBar at erac.com
Tue May 13 22:28:23 CEST 2008

Thanks for the answer. If by gradients you mean eye candy that can be turned off then I'm okay with that. Assuming KDE4 has kiosk mode features similar to KDE 3.x then I can easily create a "policy" to make sure eye candy that kills performance is turned off. In KDE 3.x I use kiosk mode features to force a password protected screensaver for Sun Ray sessions and to turn wallpaper off for MetaFrame for UNIX sessions (so Sun Ray users who VPN in form home for an emergency don't get killed by performance -- something that was much relevant back in the dial-up days of just a few years ago).

FYI, we noticed that turning on encryption for Sun Rays causes the screen repainting to be done differently and it can actually *improve* the repaints for users. So just for kicks you might want to turn that on and see what happens performance wise.

Thanks again for the answer!

-- Russ

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> On Tuesday 13 May 2008 21:58:05 LeBar, Russell J wrote:
> > As a side note -- does anyone know if the Sun Ray Server
> Software will
> > be officially supported on OpenSolaris at some point in the future?
> > Will KDE4-Solaris be supported? The answers are probably "no" but I
> > can dream, right!?  ;-)
> I don't know about SRSS wrt. the kind of support Sun gives. I
> do know that
> KDE4 will try to run sensibly on SunRay -- I have got one
> (thanks to Sun NL) for that express purpose. Plasma -- which
> is the primary eater of eye-candy -- is supposed to degrade
> nicely on less-capable graphics platforms, so there's the
> basis of support engineered in. The specifics have not been
> dealt with, though. In particular, Qt and Plasma use lots of
> gradients which don't work nicely in SRSS; I understand this
> has been forwarded to the SRSS folk to see if they can fiddle
> it in in some future version (and I think SRSS on Linux,
> which I haven't tried, uses Xorg as basis and it might
> already do the right thing with gradients).
> So that's a "maybe" and a "yes" -- better than you expected, eh?
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