[kde-solaris] Gentle Question

LeBar, Russell J Russell.J.LeBar at erac.com
Tue May 13 21:58:05 CEST 2008

I guess I'll throw my two cents into the ring.

1. I didn't think this was the KDE4-Solaris mailing list. So I think discussion of other ports on this list is reasonable.

2. Some people on here need to take a timeout to calm down. Please try and keep things civil.

3. John, your arguments below just seem odd to me given how Linux distros are doing just fine even though GCC, Qt, etc. change fairly often. It seems odd to vote for consistency on a project when the framework (in this case Qt) is itself changing fairly rapidly. Instead of making excuses just come out and say it -- KDE4-Solaris is going to be KDE built using SUN Studio -- and don't worry about justifying it to people who are not going to listen to you anyway.

4. Stefan, given the ties to SUN that the KDE4-Solaris project has (or used to have) I do not think your "if you do not contribute you have zero influence" comment is appropriate. Anyone hoping to use OpenSolaris in the future should have some input, especially given that SUN hopes that OpenSolaris will lead to more revenue for them. If you were a completely independent project then I would agree much more with your opinion [ I guess I should qualify that -- are you still being paid by SUN to work on it? ]

5. With that said, the decision on how KDE4-Solaris is going to proceed has been made and the criticisms about that on this list lately have been unprofessional and imo a waste of everyone's time. Even if your choice is a mistake -- and I am *NOT* saying it is -- it's too late now. Input from potential end-users should focus on integrating KDE4-Solaris into OpenSolaris, what end-users hope to see from a usability standpoint, etc. -- i.e. information and suggestions that will actually be useful to those of you doing the work.

As a side note -- does anyone know if the Sun Ray Server Software will be officially supported on OpenSolaris at some point in the future? Will KDE4-Solaris be supported? The answers are probably "no" but I can dream, right!?  ;-)

Special thanks to the people working on KDE4-Solaris -- you seem to be taking a lot of unjustified flack lately. I'm looking forward to giving KDE4-Solarison OpenSolaris a test drive once it (OpenSolaris) gets good enough for production use.

-- Russ (speaking for myself and not my company).

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> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:04 AM, Kunal Deo <Kunal.Deo at sun.com> wrote:
> > I understand the ABI importance. Thats is something
> generic. What I'm
> > trying to say is GCC's ABI is not that bad. Even if it not very
> > consistent among the releases it is widely used to build
> some of the
> > world greatest and biggest software.
> It is not a matter of quality ( in fact many ABI decisions
> are arbitrary). It is precisely a matter of consistency. I'm
> not sure when the last time Sun broke their ABI, but I
> believe it was sometime in the range of the late 1980's or
> early 1990's. The last time GCC made incompatible changes in
> their ABI was a couple years ago.
> I for one would like to know that I can continue to link to
> my KDELibs for the forseeable future, and more importantly,
> so would ARC...
> without whom the project stands no chance of becoming a well
> integrated part of the system and is then relegated to the
> periphery of "unsupported, unstable, possibly broken"
> community software
> >  This a community mailing list (for a Open Source
> project.), Things
> > should go in a Logical manner. Not just putting end to end
> to every
> > story. If you put end to all of it what is left for discussion.
> This KDE project was instantiated under the assumptions
> "studio, kde4". If you are happy with a GCC compiled version,
> Blastwave has it.
> This is not the project for it.

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