[kde-solaris] Gentle Question

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Tue May 13 17:55:04 CEST 2008

Moinak Ghosh wrote:

>    It is a tricky situation. GCC C++ tends to break ABI compatibility
>    with itself now and then which is real trouble. On the other hand
>    simply building KDE4 with SUN Studio is just a first step. There
>    are N KDE applications out there and each and every one of them
>    will require porting to build with SUN Studio essentially making it
>    difficult to get more KDE apps on Solaris. Kinda porting hell.

well ... IMO, "porting" an app once and then knowing it's going to run for 
the foreseeable future, even if other applications around it are changing, 
is less of a hell than having to chase ever-newer compiler releases with 
the potential ABI changes they bring.

my 2 cents
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