[kde-solaris] kdelibs 100%

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Sep 16 02:14:36 CEST 2007

The documentation in CVSDude Build/ has been updated a bit, with a better 
explanation of what variables affect the build. It may be worth looking into:

svn co https://svn2.cvsdude.com/kdesolaris/trunk/Build

Do *NOT* checkout trunk directly unless you are pining for 3GB of traffic.

The makefile for libstdcxx has been updated to fetch from Apache. Some 
additional patches from Stefan have gone in, but are untested by me.

The state of kdesupport is unchanged. Patch to current SVN attached -- it 
changes the use of std::map<> with incomplete types and links the C libs to 

kdelibs in KDE SVN is now also almost 100%. Patch attached -- it moves 
cacheGlobalObject() back into the KJS namespace. It can't go in because it's 
broken for GCC.

No runtime tests have been executed for kdelibs yet. Thanks to yura for some 
of the patches.

These are your friends - Adem
    GPG: FEA2 A3FE Adriaan de Groot
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