[kde-solaris] libstdcxx hangs

Martin Sebor sebor at roguewave.com
Tue Sep 4 17:35:52 CEST 2007

Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> On Thursday 30 August 2007, Martin Sebor wrote:
>> You might want to double-check your configuration macros and compiler
>> options to make sure the libstdcxx.so you're using is compatible with the
>> headers given the command line (use -mt for reentrant builds). To see
>> examples of command lines check out our nightly build logs published on my
>> home page: http://people.apache.org/~sebor/stdcxx/results/
> It's not clear to me what combination of my compiler flags was causing the 
> hangs, but using Stefan's set of flags gives me a stdcxx that does work. 
> Mysterious, anyway.

I suspect it may have been caused by an incompatibility between
how the library was configured (e.g., not thread safe) vs how it
was being used (e.g., with -D_REENTRANT). A library configured
in one BUILDMODE (e.g., shared,optimized) or objects compiled
with its headers aren't binary compatible with another BUILDMODE
(e.g., shared,optimized,pthreads).

> By now we've got a half-dozen patches to make libstdcxx compile on Solaris 10 
> (the locale files, for instance, contain errors like this:
> -copy "fi_FI at euro"
> +copy "fi_FI.euro"

Yes, these should be fixed in 4.2 (due to be released in about
a month or so):

Let us know if there are any issues you need help with.


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