[kde-solaris] KDE 3.4.3: How to "mkdtlogin" for the "C" locale? / Binary patches missing on sunfreeware

Andreas Loew Andreas.Loew at Sun.COM
Sun Oct 7 13:36:26 CEST 2007


this morning, I have successfully installed Stefan Teleman's KDE 3.4.3 
build from sunfreeware on my Solaris 10u4 laptop (running the 32-bit 
kernel), but run into one interesting question:

I would like to run my KDE login using the default "C" locale (as 
opposed to en_US.UTF8 or de_DE.UTF-8).

I tried to call mkdtlogin the following way:

# mkdtlogin -b /usr -l C

but did not succeed: When choosing the default "C/POSIX" locale, I don't 
get a "KDE 3.4.3 [32-bit C]" option in the dtlogin "Sessions" menu.

However, doing the exact same for "en_US.UTF-8" worked just fine: After 

# mkdtlogin -b /usr -l en_US.UTF-8

and choosing the en_US.UTF-8 locale in dtlogin, a "KDE 3.4.3 [32-bit 
en_US-UTF-8]" session *is* selectable from the menu.

So my question is:

How do I create a proper "Sessions" entry for the "C" locale in order to 
run KDE with the "C" locale?

Thanks in advance for any hints, best regards


One more issue: Please note that the sunfreeware site


is missing the binary patches, as are its numerous mirrors. I only found 
the patches on one single (luckily) outdated mirror in Thailand:


Can someone please put them back onto the main sunfreeware server? Thanks!

Andreas Loew
Java Architect
Sun Microsystems (Germany)

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