[kde-solaris] Successfully build of KDE-3.5.7 on sparcv9 Solaris10

Michael Lindig michael.lindig at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Jun 27 13:10:11 CEST 2007

Heiko Falk schrieb:
> Dear all,
> let me briefly summarize my experiences with Michaels KDE:
>  + It's very nice!			:)
>    I didn't encounter significant crashes so far. Almost everything
>    behaves as expected.
>  + I only have some minor issues to report:
>    - The key combination Ctrl-Z in a shell (e.g. in xterm or konsole) which
>      suspends a foreground job doesn't work.

see attachment it works for me!? Maybe your locale settings are wrong?

>    - kpilotDaemon crashes after each HotSync and thus needs to be
>      restarted manually.
>    - kcalc is missing.
>    - The audio players from kdemultimedia (noatun, juk) don't really
>      work. They only produce noise on the speakers, but don't play MP3's.

I think the best solution for that is a runnable xmms2 on ultrasparc Solaris10,
which will be included in KDE at compile time. I dont know if there any runnable
version of xmms2 on SunRay's?

>    - Some of my colleagues reported strange behavior of kopete. They
>      told me that they don't see sent and incoming ICQ messages in the chat
>      window. However, I was unable to reproduce this.

Sometimes it is possible that old KDE/QT settings makes the new kde-3.5.7
corrupt; thats why we introduce our users to setup a new (fresh) KDE settings.
Here are the commands to get a clean and fresh KDE setup:

     cd ~
     mkdir .backup-kde-3.5.7-solaris10
     mv .dt .dtprofile .gnome .qt .xinitrc .backup-kde-3.5.7-solaris10/
     mv .gtkrc-kde .kde .kderc .mcop .mcoprc .backup-kde-3.5.7-solaris10/
     mv Desktop .backup-kde-3.5.7-solaris10/

     # and now start KDE-3.5.7 and setup the system

We have created a default .kde-tar file to simplify the fresh installation setup.

>  + Since 1.5 weeks, my colleagues and I exclusively use Michaels KDE. It
>    runs stable on my very own desktop machine (Blade 1000) as well as in
>    our SunRay environment.
>  + I'm regularly using kmail, kate, korganizer, kgpg, kpilot, konsole,
>    konqueror, kopete, the KDE printing system (CUPS), kssh and others,
>    and (almost) everything really works find.
> I just can encourage you to use this piece of software.

We have only sometimes problems with the X-Server which consumes much memory
over the time (maybe a bug in X-Server). Exists a roadmap at SUN for upgrading
the X-Server to current XORG-Server version?

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