[kde-solaris] Successfully build of KDE-3.5.7 on sparcv9 Solaris10

Heiko Falk Heiko.Falk at udo.edu
Wed Jun 27 08:18:03 CEST 2007

Dear all,

let me briefly summarize my experiences with Michaels KDE:
 + It's very nice!			:)
   I didn't encounter significant crashes so far. Almost everything
   behaves as expected.
 + I only have some minor issues to report:
   - The key combination Ctrl-Z in a shell (e.g. in xterm or konsole) which
     suspends a foreground job doesn't work.
   - kpilotDaemon crashes after each HotSync and thus needs to be
     restarted manually.
   - kcalc is missing.
   - The audio players from kdemultimedia (noatun, juk) don't really
     work. They only produce noise on the speakers, but don't play MP3's.
   - Some of my colleagues reported strange behavior of kopete. They
     told me that they don't see sent and incoming ICQ messages in the chat
     window. However, I was unable to reproduce this.
 + Since 1.5 weeks, my colleagues and I exclusively use Michaels KDE. It
   runs stable on my very own desktop machine (Blade 1000) as well as in
   our SunRay environment.
 + I'm regularly using kmail, kate, korganizer, kgpg, kpilot, konsole,
   konqueror, kopete, the KDE printing system (CUPS), kssh and others,
   and (almost) everything really works find.

I just can encourage you to use this piece of software.


Am Mittwoch 13 Juni 2007 14:06:45 schrieb Michael Lindig:
> Hi,
> I have successfully build the KDE 3.5.7 for sparcv9 (64-bit ultrasparc)
> Sun-Solaris10 Version. If anybody is interested for it :) : I have a
> tar-file!
> The installation was done in '/usr/local/sparcv9' and includes all needed
> libs and tools. KDE itself was compiled with gcc-4.2.0 which is also part
> of the tar-file.
> I can provide the "349Mbyte tar.bz2 file" + "dt-session configuration
> package" but I need a Server-Storage where I can upload the file (I have no
> server for such a network load and storage capacity :( !).
> I have testet successfully the KDE 3.5.7 Release on SunRay-Terminals and it
> looks good :) !
> Michael
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