[kde-solaris] Successfully build of KDE-3.5.7 on sparcv9 Solaris10

Michael Lindig michael.lindig at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Jun 22 06:29:32 CEST 2007


following some correction you should make to solve some bugs in this distribution:

 - I determined a problem with konsole and yakuake where the windows size
   was not detectable. If you called stty -a then no columns and lines could
   be detected (especial at resize). This results in crazy display for vi or

   Solution (It's crazy, dont ask me how I detect this :; ):

      - I have build the actual libz in the distribution and this lib is the
        reason for the konsole and yakuake problems. I dont no why ! To solve
        this: simple remove (with backup) /usr/local/sparcv9/lib/libz.so* or
        link /usr/lib/64/libz.so.1 to /usr/local/sparcv9/lib/libz.so.1.2.3

      - Restart kde-desktop.

 - If you want https-support or running-ssl in the distribution then you should
   set the OpenSSL-Lib-Path by:

   "Control Center/Security & Privacy/Crypto" -> OpenSSL:
   "Path to OpenSSL shared libraries" shall be /usr/sfw/lib/64

 - If you want a running timezone setting then you should set the TZ environment
   variable. I did this in front of /usr/local/sparcv9/kde-3.5.7/bin/startkde:

	export TZ=${TZ:-'Europe/Berlin'}
	[ "${TZ}" = 'MET' ] && export TZ='Europe/Berlin'

     Solaris sets the timezone variable TZ from the /etc/default/init file but
     KDE does not understand it thats why you need a transformation!

 - Some 64bit applications don't know about LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 which will be set
   by this distribution. If you have trouble with that then you could make
   following changes in front of /usr/local/sparcv9/kde-3.5.7/bin/startkde:


With this changes kde-3.5.7 looks verry good on solaris :) !

Have fun,

PS: It would be nice to know who is using this distributions and which problems
or whishes the user have. I also search a dt-login-screen guru which could
improve the kde startup screen!

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