[kde-solaris] problems with configuring dtlogin on SXDE

Manish Chakravarty manishchaks at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 15:16:03 CEST 2007

Hi Nilesh,

I am cc-ing the mail to BOSUG.

Maybe someone there can help.


Nilesh Parmar wrote:
> Hello Experts,
>      I've been trying to set up KDE on my SXDE x86 box. I used the
> blastwave site to get it installed. However, I'm unable to get the KDE
> option while logging in. Here's what I did:
> # pkg-get kde_gcc
> I got all the required packages installed.
> I also went through this article on the blastwave site
> (http://www.blastwave.org/articles/KDE-0002/index.html )
> which said
> " *T*hen you are done. I would suggest that you log out of CDE or
> GNOME and
> reset the dtlogin banner. You should now see an option to login with KDE
> from dtlogin. Easy and very free. "
> I actually don't know how to reset the dtlogin banner after logging
> out of
> CDE or GNOME (i use JDS). After a little googling, I did this:
> # dtlogin -reset
> It takes forever to execute this command and I'm not sure if this is the
> right way. Can anyone of you help/guide me on how to configure dtlogin ?
> Am I missing something ?
> Thanks,
> Nilesh
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