[kde-solaris] Improve Startup-Speed for KDE!?

Michael Lindig michael.lindig at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Jul 4 14:15:52 CEST 2007


I would like to improve the startup speed of KDE. In Linux you can use prelinked
files and I know on Solaris you can improve some search path and object
relocations with 'crle'.

 The simplest solution is a new LD_CONFIG-File creation which holds the shared
 object locations in cache. Example:

  rm -f ${NewLdConfigFile}
  unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64
  # create cache config
  crle -64 -u -i /usr/local/sparcv9/lib \
              -i /usr/local/sparcv9/kde-3.5.7/lib \
              -i /usr/local/sparcv9/X11R7.2/lib \
           -c ${NewLdConfigFile}
  # adjust buggy libz reference
  crle -64 -u -a /usr/local/sparcv9/lib/libz.so \
              -o /usr/lib/64/libz.so \
           -c ${NewLdConfigFile}

  # after this you can use the new config by definition
  # of environment variable LD_CONFIG_64
  # for example in your .bashrc : export LD_CONFIG_64=${NewLdConfigFile}

 This reduces the referenced shared object searches and reduces also the
 file accesses. BUT the speed improvement is not as much as expected :( !

 A other solution is the usage of "-I" or "-G" options of 'crle' to create
 alternative optimized versions of libs or executables. But if I use this for
 libs like libqt-mt or libDCOP then KDE does not run as before (missing jpeg
 support, some applications don't start ...).

 Here my Questions:

  Is there any KDE guru which can say: 'Here you shall tune to get a faster KDE
  speedup! Optimize following files ... !' ?

  Is 'crle' the right tool? Exists any other?


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