[kde-solaris] Your Patches & 3rd-party repositories?

Stefan Teleman stefan.teleman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 16:50:06 CET 2007

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 08:21, Heiko Falk wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> what I wanted to ask all the time that you're with Sun right now:
> We all know that KDE + Solaris + Workshop implies painful
> source-level-patching and build-infrastructure-modification of
> almost all KDE packages and tons of 3rd party libraries and
> packages.
> Since this was your (SM) hobby in the past and is your profession
> now, I believe that you currently walk through this hell at Sun.
> However, do your source code patches remain internally at Sun, or
> will they be checked in the SVN/CVS repositories of the concerned
> open-source projects?
> With the best wishes for 2007


Happy New Year to Everyone!

My answer has two parts: the First Part and the Second Part. :-P

The First Part is:

There is a group of us, and we are working on KDE Solaris:

- John Sonnenschein
- Holger Berger
- Roland Mainz
- Yours Truly

The patches for KDE Solaris *will* be in a source code repository. 
They will not be in the form of patches, they will be in the form of 
fully downloadable source code. Everyone will be able to checkout KDE 
Solaris and QT from SVN, and it will compile out of the box with the 
Sun Compilers, and/or with GCC. This is one of the fundamental 
requirements for our work.

The Second Part also has two parts: the First Second Part, and the 
Second Second Part.

The First Second Part is in the form of an URL:

http://svn2.cvsdude.com/kdesolaris/  or

Anonymous readonly access is already enabled (if it doesn't work, 
please let me know so i can fix it). There's currently nothing in 
there *yet*, but expect QT 3.3.7 and QT 4.2.2 source code to appear 
in there this week, built and tested on both 32- and 64- bit Solaris, 
for both SPARC and Intel.

CVSDude will be our "sandbox" SVN. It is meant to be 
the "work-in-progress" SVN, it will be unstable, and often it will 
not even compile, or work. The *only* reason for this SVN (at 
CVSDude) is: we want to do everything in the open, but we don't want 
to mess up KDE's main SVN when we break builds or we write something 
which works on Solaris but not on Linux, for example. Anyone and 
everyone should be able to see what we do, at any time. When things 
stabilize, and when patches work correctly on Linux, FreeBSD and 
Solaris, these final patches will be included in KDE SVN. This is the 
second fundamental requirement of our work: all final patches and/or 
source code changes will be include in KDE SVN, tested on all three 
platforms. Also, there will be some external library dependencies, 
independent of KDE, which need Solaris work, but which don't really 
belong in KDE SVN. CVSDude will be the place to find them.

The Second Second Part is also an URL:


This is the "Official Proposal" thread at OpenSolaris to integrate KDE 
as an official OpenSolaris Project. If you want to show your support, 
please stop by this proposal thread and vote +1. :-)

If anyone is interested in joining us in working on this project, 
please post here, or send me an email and you'll get SVN access at 
CVSDude. The more, the merrier.


Stefan Teleman			'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition'
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