[kde-solaris] Your Patches & 3rd-party repositories?

Heiko Falk Heiko.Falk at udo.edu
Wed Jan 17 14:21:46 CET 2007

Hi Stefan,

what I wanted to ask all the time that you're with Sun right now: We all know 
that KDE + Solaris + Workshop implies painful source-level-patching and 
build-infrastructure-modification of almost all KDE packages and tons of 3rd 
party libraries and packages.

Since this was your (SM) hobby in the past and is your profession now, I 
believe that you currently walk through this hell at Sun. However, do your 
source code patches remain internally at Sun, or will they be checked in the 
SVN/CVS repositories of the concerned open-source projects?

With the best wishes for 2007



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