[kde-solaris] [kde-discuss] KBE 1.0 - Build enviroment for KDE

Stefan Teleman stefan.teleman at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 11 17:27:52 CET 2007

Shawn Walker wrote:
> On Dec 9, 2007 4:31 PM, Alan DuBoff <alan.duboff at sun.com> wrote:
>> On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Shawn Walker wrote:
>>> I understand your argument, but because of the C++ lib mess and all of
>>> the special build options we are doing here, I don't think it's
>>> viable.
>> Why?
>> All binaries should have the runpath compiled into them, and linked with
>> the proper libraries.
> The runpath is my issue; if the default installation location is one
> that could easily conflict or does not make it obvious that
> applications built with these are intended only for "our build of
> KDE"; then there is a problem.

What exactly is the issue ? What is the problem ?

-B group -z nodefaultlib.

man ld.

Two days ago it was "not pissing off the sysadmins". Today it's $RPATH.


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