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Alan DuBoff alan.duboff at sun.com
Tue Dec 11 07:48:33 CET 2007

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Shawn Walker wrote:

> Some would argue those ways "aren't so old." I only started using
> Solaris in 2005;

Well, I've used Solaris x86 for more than 10 years, and Solaris sparc for 
longer than it.

> Remember that any C++ dependencies we have are incompatible with other
> C++ apps built against the other C++ runtime that comes with Solaris.

Why so? We're going to use Studio, and link with our own library. Why 
would that effect other apps?

> The other is because I know what the configuration of our dependencies
> are like and how somewhat hacky or builds are since I've been working
> with Stefan to get the dependencies going.
> That's my point. I think Adriaan has it right.

No, he doesn't, and software will be moving into /usr.

Just today one of the Sun engineers asked if it was possible to get 
the KDE packages located to /usr, and this is the trend that you will see 
with much of the software in OpenSolaris.

Traditionally, software went it /opt as it was optional to the system, but 
the desktop is not something that is optional, nor is much of the open 
source software, IMO.

> So how do you want to support side-by-side installations of KDE3&4?
> I'm betting on many users wanting to be able to easily switch between
> both.

I don't, and I don't care of they can switch or not. Remove the packages 
and install the version you need, simple.

> In the end, as much as I dislike it. I can live with kde in /usr and
> maybe even our C deps. Though I would still like /usr/local better
> since that's what many GNU/Linux apps do today even!

No, that won't work either.

For many years Solaris has been a one-off because it didn't put software 
in it's default location and required the setting of the target when 

Software by default is built for and goes in /usr, this is how the system 
works, and this is how most all of open source software compiles and 
installs by default.

> I'm still of the belief that our C++ deps need to go somewhere out of 
> the way or that makes it very clear they're customised for us.

We'll need to disagree on this point then. Me and Stefan were having this 
very conversation today with another engineer, and there is no reason we 
can't have our apache library in /usr/lib along with Sun's. The name is 
different and you need to link with it, just like any other library in 
/usr/lib, to use it.


Alan DuBoff - Solaris x86 IHV/OEM Group

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