[kde-solaris] Introducing KBE-CDEPS

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Dec 9 01:54:00 CET 2007

Inspired by Luc's work on KBE (which is now nicely installed on my SPARC which 
runs S10U3, I think), I've gone and started on doing the same thing with the 
C-language dependencies for KDE. The first one is libungif.

I have added a KBE-CDEPS alongside KBE in CVSDude for contributions.

The setup is the same as with KBE: there is a single script kbe-install that 
checks for prerequisites (you must have KBE installed) which asks a few 
questions and then goes and builds all the software.

From looking at the existing build setup, easy additional targets are:

- dbus
- freetype
- gpgme + libgpg-error
- python
- raptor + redland

The build patches and build setup is already in CVSDude (under Build/), it 
just needs .spec'ification.

[[ The argument as to where all this stuff actually belongs can be done in a 
different thread. ]]

These are your friends - Adem
    GPG: FEA2 A3FE Adriaan de Groot
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