[kde-solaris] KBE 1.0 - Build enviroment for KDE

Lukas Oboril oboril.lukas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 09:45:00 CET 2007


On Dec 5, 2007 3:33 PM, Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 December 2007, Lukas Oboril wrote:
> > > I was confused by "KDE Build Environment" as if it was about building KDE
> > > itself (and all of its dependencies). Now that that's cleared up, it
> > > makes a lot more sense. Does the name "KDE Build Environment" really fit?
> > > I mean, it's basically a whole bunch of modern build tools you would want
> > > anyway. What about /opt/gnubuild ?
> >
> > Yes it seems to be a better name, but not all of those tools are gnu,
> > therefore I chose kdebld name (it's based on CBE - common build
> > environment, which have Sun's Gnome guys and installed /opt/jdsbuild).
> > It just a name.
> So it is, so it is (just a name). So we've got all the build things over
> in /opt/kdebld (or possibly /opt/kdebuild) and can work from there.


> > > Is the intention to specfile the whole thing as one blob, or each part
> > > individually?
> >
> > Uff I'm sorry, but I don't understand clearly at this point. Do you
> > are talking about spec files ???
> Yes, I meant "are all the components of KBE going to be packaged separately or
> will they all be part of one big package?" I don't know the specs work
> otherwise.

Do you know RPM (Redhat Package Manager) package from linux ??? Rpm
packages are prepared by rpmbuild tool from particular spec files (It
could called as "Makefile for rpmbuild"). Guys from Sun made port of
this tool and called it pkgbuild. This Pkgbuild tool create SVR4
package and use quite same spec files as use rpmbuild.

Please look at ... http://pkgbuild.sourceforge.net/

> > My plan is:  prepare spec file for all tools/libs in current svn (at
> > cvsdude). One spec file (stdcxx.spec) per tool/lib (Stdcxx). First i'm
> > preparing 32bit version and then second 64bit version. Now I have
> > 64bit version for stdcxx and boost. These spec files are located in
> > SPECS directory.
> You didn't list stdcxx earlier: so that is part of kdebld as well? My instinct
> is to call that a KDE dependency, not part of the build system. So from here
> forwards we could rely on the KBE being available in the rest of the build
> setup (take a look in cvsdude Build/, which already held tools and patches
> for a number of build tools and a bunch of dependencies).

You mix two things together.

1. KBE - Kde build environment - "just build environment" nothing more
- This is a pack of build tools which are needed for _building_ KDE a
their dependencies. KBE live in /opt/kdebld . You can install it by
simple type command -> kbe-install, nothing more isn't need for
install KBE. KBE contains those tools which I mentioned above, on the
top of this thread. After install you can setup your build
environments by /opt/kdebld/bin/env.sh (or /opt/kdebld/bin/env.csh).
These script set up PATH, CC, CXX and so on.


2. SPEC FILES - these spec files will be created for all tools or libs
which are needed for _running_ KDE. None build tools are there. This
directory contains at this moment few spec files.

stdcxx(64).spec > Apache/Rogue wave standart c++ library > done
boost(64).spec > Boost > done
libotf.spec > LibOtf > done
a52dec.spec > A52dec > done
gnump(64).spec > preparing
faac.spec > preparing
flac.spec > preparing


> > P.S. Adriaan, please provide me the naming convenction.
> Gosh, that makes me sound so .. bossy. I'm mostly trying to coordinate between
> historical decisions which people may be working towards and your work. In
> many ways I'd say: *you* are doing stuff, so *you* get to decide.

I decided ... few weeks ago ...

You didn't agree with me :), then I asked you what is the right decision :)

> If I recall correctly, we were going to:
> - Install dependencies in /opt/kdesupport, including libstdcxx

I don't understand why this name - kdesupport. I would rather prefer
some more generic name then kdesupport is.

> - Install Qt in /opt/qt-<version>

partial OK, do you think /opt/qt-4.3.2 ??? or /opt/qt4 < I think it's
enough. In other view Stefan is preparing include QT3 and QT4 in to
Solaris as /usr/qt3 and /usr/qt-4.2.3

> - Install KDE in /opt/kde-<version>

same as for qt. I think /opt/kde4 is enough, but you agreed those
paths, I will be accept those paths.

One of advantages spec files (pkgtool) is: the paths can be changed
generally for all spec files from one point.

> But that can be found somewhere in the archives of kde-solaris (or in Stefan's
> memory, I'm sure).
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