[kde-solaris] libstdcxx test results

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 31 16:55:16 CEST 2007

Martti Hamunen wrote:
> Stefan,
> I have followd KDE (newer) coming for Opensolaris and now I must ask:

> I hope:
> tell where we can download simple packages and clear advises how to 
> install for Opensolaris, because it is not easy for all.


Here's the status of various KDE efforts *to my limited knowledge* (I only lurk on 
the email alias ...):
- the last widely available version is indeed 3.4.3 from blastwave, as built by Stefan
- fairly recently (beginning of July), Michael Lindig published a binary "release" 
of 3.5.7 for Sparc (see http://leute.server.de/lindig/drupal/?q=node/14 and 
ftp://ls12-ftp.cs.uni-dortmund.de/outgoing/KDE/3.5.7/ for src and bin)
- just this week, Brett Albertson said he'd built 3.5.7 on x86; I'd suggest you go 
to the archives and peruse them for the details (I for one would welcome it if 
Brett would offer those bits for download *wink*)

as of now, KDE 4 (for Solaris?) is work in progress - if you watch this list from 
now on, you'll see progress reports now and then as people tell us about various 
components being finished (again, go to the archives for past ones).

> So many have interesse for Opensolaris and it is very fine.


> KDE is very good and I think that many are ready to install it if we can 
> get simple advises.

if you want to help, we'll get there so much sooner :-)

Michael Schuster
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