[kde-solaris] libstdcxx test results

Martti Hamunen martti.hamunen at netikka.fi
Fri Aug 31 10:13:02 CEST 2007


I have followd KDE (newer) coming for Opensolaris and now I must ask:

I can find 

Parent Directory <http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/>
ia32 <http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/testresults/ia32>
amd64 <http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/testresults/amd64>
sparc32 <http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/testresults/sparc32>
sparc64 <http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/testresults/sparc64>
 and so on...
and It says for me nothing.
(perhaps I dont understand)

It is possible to install/ pkg-get -i kde_gcc 3.4.3, but it is a little 
old and not easy for many.

I hope:
tell where we can download simple packages and clear advises how to 
install for Opensolaris, because it is not easy for all.

So many have interesse for Opensolaris and it is very fine.
KDE is very good and I think that many are ready to install it if we can 
get simple advises.


Stefan Teleman kirjoitti:
> Available at:
> http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/testresults/
> Updated files at:
> http://www.stefanteleman.org/libstdcxx/
> --Stefan

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