[kde-solaris] More exciting compiler failures

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Tue Aug 21 00:28:35 CEST 2007

You may note that we are now at 85% of kdelibs compiling correctly; notes on 
that in a separate message (one not BCC'ed to the compiler team).

 85%] Building CXX object kate/CMakeFiles/katepart.dir/render/katelinelayout.o
"/mnt/KDE4/kdelibs/kate/document/katedocument.h", line 1098: Warning: 
KateDocument::closeUrl hides the virtual function 
"/mnt/KDE4/kdelibs/kate/document/katedocument.h", line 1098: Warning: 
KateDocument::replaceText hides the virtual function 
KTextEditor::Document::replaceText(const KTextEditor::Range&, const 
QStringList&, bool).
"/mnt/KDE4/kdelibs/kate/document/katedocument.h", line 1098: Warning: 
KateDocument::setModified hides the virtual function 
3 Warning(s) detected.
"katelinelayout.cpp", [__1cOKateLineLayout2t6MpnMKateDocument__v_]:ube: error: 
Assert has been violated 
at '/set/mars/builds.intel-S2/nightly.Thu/intel-S2/lang/ube/lf_opt/src/forward.c 

I have really no idea what this means. I'll have to do some demangling (is 
there a c++filt for Solaris?) to see if I can find something likely in the 

These are your friends - Adem
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