[kde-solaris] KDE Solaris: status update

Sunil funtoos at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 20:24:14 CET 2006

given the incompatibilities that can result for a package compiled with gnu c++ compiler while its deps are compiled with sun studio c++ compiler or vice versa, isn't it prudent to build the whole KDE and its deps with gnu compiler? What is it that sun studio compiler brings to the table as far as KDE desktop is concerned? I don't think, and hope, its the performance because I have run gnu compiled kde and Stefan's KDE 3.4 on the same hardware and found no difference in day-to-day use of KDE at all. Both startup about in the same time. Both launch apps in about the same time. The GUI responsiveness feels the same.

I think if it means greater compatibility with other gnu programs, KDE and its deps are better compiled with gnu compiler.

just my 2 cents.


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Stefan Teleman a écrit :

  On Tuesday 14 November 2006 19:28, Sergio wrote:
    OK, but that means that SFWfltk (Companion)  was compiled with g++
  Yes, the Companion CD is built with gcc.

Hi Stefan,

OK : Thank's to you ! That explains completely my story with the build
of Aqsis. And it's a good think, because after that, any successful
build with Sunstudio, even better, is never certain (for me...).

- Second question : can i ask again about your future API for Jack  :-)   ? It should be great
for all musicians under Solaris.

In other words, have you any idea about if it will be available, for
example at the summer 2007, with the Sol10 6/07 release ?

Of course i can try to help, for basic works, but how ? Several tests,
or similar ?



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