[kde-solaris] KDE Solaris: status update

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Mon Nov 13 20:08:37 CET 2006

On Monday 13 November 2006 11:01, Derek Konigsberg wrote:
> One thing I noticed in the past (and the main reason I have not
> used your builds, actually), is that a very large portion of what
> you've put in "fsw4sun" is software that either already comes with
> Solaris (/usr,/usr/sfw, especially newer versions), or software
> that comes with the Solaris Companion CD (/opt/sfw).  Furthermore,
> the versions in "fsw4sun" were either older than the versions I
> already had, or somewhat broken.  (its been a while since I tried
> these builds, so things may have improved)

You have made these statements before, and this time around i am going 
to set some facts straight:

The Companion CD has always been *years* out of date. Not only in 
terms of KDE (which is still KDE 3.1), but also in terms of whatever 
else was available on the CCD.

In terms of what has been available in /usr/sfw, the only 'thing' 
which is more recent than /opt/fsw4sun is OpenSSL (which is at 
version 0.9.7 in /usr/sfw, version 0.9.6 in /opt/fsw4sun).


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