[kde-solaris] KDE Solaris: status update

Derek Konigsberg octo at logicprobe.org
Mon Nov 13 17:01:45 CET 2006

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> I am working on KDE. As everyone knows, KDE has a ton of dependencies
> on other libraries, and this is what I am actually working on, right
> now. Many of these dependencies aren't for KDE exclusively.
> Up until now, all these libraries were in /opt/fswsun. They won't be
> there any longer, and they will be integrated in some reasonable
> location. Not clear where yet,  maybe /usr/gnu, maybe some other
> location, but definitely not /opt/fsw4sun. Many of them will be
> updated to a more recent version.

One thing I noticed in the past (and the main reason I have not used your 
builds, actually), is that a very large portion of what you've put in 
"fsw4sun" is software that either already comes with Solaris 
(/usr,/usr/sfw, especially newer versions), or software that comes with 
the Solaris Companion CD (/opt/sfw).  Furthermore, the versions in 
"fsw4sun" were either older than the versions I already had, or somewhat 
broken.  (its been a while since I tried these builds, so things may have 

What I'm really wondering, is whether there is a real effort now to reduce 
the need for redundant dependencies, especially when Sun is making every 
effort to improve the stuff that comes out-of-the-box with Solaris.

(At the end of the day, however, I am eagerly looking forward to 
eventually switching to your builds.  Right now I am using the ancient 
version of KDE that comes on the companion CD for my SunRays, which feels 
awkward next to the modern up-to-date KDE on the Linux desktop sitting 
right next to it)

Derek Konigsberg
octo at logicprobe.org

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