[kde-solaris] Language input selection windows

Mikael Dalsgard mikaeld at online.no
Wed Nov 8 10:37:46 CET 2006


This is probably not strictly a KDE related question. But I know I read a response 
to the same issue that I have, but I can't seem to find it in the archives, so here 
goes. Just pointing me to the correct thread there is perfectably acceptable :-)

I have a MacBook with Solaris installed (SE/Nevada build 50). Beneath every 
terminal window, and also several of the others, there is a small language 
selection windows. You can select different input with it. I can find information 
about this in the Solaris documentation. But I can't seem to be able to turn it 
off! Especially in KDE the text sometimes linger around even after the window 
dissappear etc. So it can be quite frustrating. In the taskbar I (sometimes) might 
see icon/task indicating a an app called "iiixm" or something similar.

As previously mentioned; I recall someone asking about the same thing here 
before and got a reply which helped him.

73 de Mikael Dalsgard
        NOW is the only thing that is real

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