[kde-solaris] Some KDE 3.4.3 for Open Solaris questions/comments

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Thu Mar 23 03:51:11 CET 2006


My answers inline. :-)

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 19:23, Lebar, Russell J wrote:
> I'm working on installing it right now (need to get the i18n and
> then apply the patches). A few things came to mind though:
> Regarding dtlogin:
> 1) Looks like KDE341Login is referenced for the logo but it doesn't
> look like this exists with the KDE 3.4.3 packages?

KDE343Login (which is an XPM file) is in the I18N download directory 
(in the same place with mkdtlogin.c source code and the runConfigure 
script for KDE i18n).

> 2) My understanding is that /usr/dt is sacred, and should be left
> untouched as much as possible? Instead changes and overrides are
> supposed to go in /opt/dt (which does not exist by default). Case
> in point is to look at the Sun Ray Server Software which does use
> /opt/dt. Has this changed in Solaris 10 or should mkdtlogin and the
> documentation for it be updated to encourage /opt/dt use?

You can install the dtlogin scripts either in /usr/dt or in /etc/dt, 
depending on what you pass to mkdtlogin. If you do a 

%> mkdtlogin -h

it will print out its usage.

I know about the sacredness of /usr/dt (if someone would actually 
explain to me why /usr/dt is so sacred that it can't be touched, i 
would feel very elightened), but i also know that some don't really 
enjoy dealing with the pain of making /etc/dt work. :-)

There are installation instructions for dtlogin and I18N in the 
download directories as well.

> Regarding compiling additional KDE apps:
> 1) Do I need to use SUN's compiler (e.g. for kdiff3 or koffice) or
> can I use gcc? I'm guessing that I can mix and match but e.g. Perl
> requires everything be built with the same compiler.

Yes, you need to use the Sun Compilers, because the name mangling and 
most importantly the C++ ABI are incompatible between Sun Studio and 

> 2) Has anyone tried compiling Koffice (or kdiff3) with SUN's
> compiler? To put it differently, should I even bother installing
> SUN's compiler?
> :-)

I can build kdiff3 and make a patch for it. And i'm also working on 
building KOffice. Getting KOffice to compile and work with Sun Studio 
is just about as easy as getting the rest of KDE to compile and work 
with Sun Studio. ;-)

> 3) I'd like to keep the package install location pure so I would
> want to put anything I compile somewhere else (e.g.
> /usr/local/kde). Has anyone else tried doing something like this?
> Does it break anything such as koffice?

Oh, it doesn't matter at all where you install your packages, as long 
as you link with the right libraries and the RPATH is set 
to /opt/kde-3.4.3/lib -- to pick up the KDE libraries -- and to your 
own installation path (/usr/local/kde/lib) as well.

And finally: i am still working on the very annoying Konsole bug on 
SPARC.  As soon as i am 100% certain it is fixed (this one is a VERY 
NASTY one to fix), i will have patches for it, as well as for some 
other bugs.


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