[kde-solaris] unable to get to KDE desktop after logging in

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sun Jun 25 14:09:44 CEST 2006

Have you got  /usr/lib/libsunmath.so.1  and its symbolic  link installed ?
/usr/lib/libsunmath.so  -> /usr/lib/libsunmath.so.1 

This is the KDE package  KDEkderuntime-343.

The installation fails in the way you described if this library is not 

# pkgchk -v  KDEkderuntime-343


Nilesh Parmar wrote / skrev:
> Hello Everybody,
>      I tried to install KDE on my Solaris 10 Ultra Sparc box. I 
> followed all the instructions that were described on 
> http://solaris.kde.org/instructions.php page. I installed all the 
> binary packages and patches as described here. I also managed to get 
> "KDE 3.4.3 32-bit [en_US.UTF-8]" display in the Sessions menu.
> However, after I select this, I am unable to get to the KDE desktop. I 
> get a blue screen (as described in the installation instructions) but 
> after a few seconds I am taken back the  login screen. I do not get 
> the Konfigurator as described in the instructions.  I however am able 
> to log on to CDE and JDS (which were preinstalled). I  do not get any 
> error messages. Everything else seems to work on Solaris except the 
> KDE desktop.
> I'm not sure what is going wrong. Is there any way to troubleshoot 
> this problem ? Any log files that can help me ? I'm not a Solaris 
> expert, but I can just work my way through. It would be great if 
> anyone can help me troubleshoot this.

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