[kde-solaris] KDE 3.5.3 build for Solaris 10

Stephen Fitch scf.code at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 23:18:59 CEST 2006


Great work!!

Now where might we download this version from for general use?




On 7/6/06, Heiko Falk <Heiko.Falk at udo.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm happy to announce that I was finally able to create a build of KDE
> 3.5.3
> for Sparc Solaris 10. In contrast to the painful work done by Stefan
> Teleman,
> I didn't use the SunStudio compiler. Instead, I used a really cool GCC 4
> derivate, see
> http://cooltools.sunsource.net/gcc/index.html
> This gccfss compiler consists of a standard GCC 4.0.2 parser, frontend and
> optimizer. However, it is coupled to the backend, optimizer and code
> generator of SunStudio so that highly optimized Sparc code is generated.
> This
> compiler has the advantage that only very few KDE source codes need to be
> patched in order to build the entire KDE - totally, I needed to path 44
> files. Additionally, the resulting code quality is extremely high.
> In addition, I tried to use as many standard libraries delivered with
> Solaris
> 10 as possible. This includes e.g. zlib, bz, gtk, usb, fontconfig and lots
> more. I believe that this is better than re-building really all the
> libraries
> from scratch since hopefully, the Sun people took care and did some
> testing
> concerning the stuff delivered with Solaris 10...
> The resulting KDE 3.5.3 is relatively nice. The individual KDE tools are
> pretty robust and work fine. However, there are some things I'd like to
> ask
> you since they're are annoying:
> a) The time displayed by e.g. kicker's clock or korganizer etc. doesn't
>    treat my timezone correctly. My box is configured for MEST, but the
>    KDE tools all use GMT/UTC so that I have an offset of 2 hours.
>    Does anybody know how to correct this?
> b) What is more serious and where I really need your expertise:
>    When modifying the appearance of the KDE-GUI within the control center
>    (window decorations, background, ...) I regularly reach the point in
>    time where kwin misbehaves. All windows are placed at the top border
>    of the screen. You can move them left/right and enlarge them, but you
>    can't move them away from the upper screen border. After that, this
>    behavior is 'stable', i.e. logging out and in leads to the same
>    style of window positioning.
>    I was unable to identify/isolate where this misbehavior comes from.
>    Has anybody else already reported this behavior? I'm also not sure
>    whether this stems from KDE/kwin or from my qt build. I had some
>    trouble building qt-3.3.4 with the gccfss compiler, maybe this is the
>    reason. I tried several other ways to build qt but finally wasn't
>    successful.
> Kind regards from Germany
>   Heiko Falk
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