[kde-solaris] Compilation patches for KDE/Solaris

Derek Konigsberg octo at logicprobe.org
Wed Jan 4 15:28:00 CET 2006

It seems like too many source patches are required for KDE to compile 
cleanly on Solaris.  Is their any chance that most of these patches could 
be rolled into the KDE baseline itself?

Often many of these patches do things that wouldn't break gcc compilation 
(because GCC is just being too lenient on things, but that's thankfully 
changing), or could otherwise be incorporated with the proper #ifdef's. 
In any case, I used to be able to compile KDE by myself quite easily (even 
if tediously) on Solaris, but that is no longer the case.

Also, it seems like the binary build Stefan provides tends to require its 
own boatload of dependency software (i.e. /opt/fsw4sun).  However, I 
noticed that Solaris (in /usr/sfw, growing in Solaris 10) and Sun's 
Companion CD (/opt/sfw) includes a lot of the same stuff, sometimes even 
newer versions that were provided in the "/opt/fsw4sun" package.  It also 
seemed like occasionally something in fsw4sun was either broken, or caused 
annoying conflicts.  In any case, any chance that future builds could 
focus on building against dependencies that are already included by Sun 
(wherever possible)?

Issues like the above drove me to always compile my own KDE in the past, 
since my own builds seemed cleaner and less broken than prepackaged ones. 
However, because of my initial issue with source patching, I can no longer 
do this quite as easily.

I'm still amazed, though, at just how bloated and sluggish JDS (a.k.a. 
Gnome) is when compared with KDE on Solaris, even if Sun's officially 
supporting the Gnome side.  I just wish KDE was easier to get fully 


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