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Mon Feb 13 17:42:42 CET 2006

> Hi.
> 1. Download the packages for your platform (IA32AMD32).
> 2. The packages are archived and compressed as *.tar.bz2.
> 3. The files ending in *.md5 are the MD5 checksums for the respective
> packages (you can check this way if the package you downloaded is
> indeed the one i uploaded).
> 4. Uncompress the package (bunzip2 <package-name>.tar.bz2)
> 5. Un-tar the package (tar xvf <package-name>.tar).
> 6. At this point you'll have the old tar archive <package-name>.tar
> and the package per se.
> 7. install the package with:
> %> pkgadd -d `pwd` <package-name> # backticks not single quote
> (you must be root to do this, since the packages install under /opt,
> which is usually owned by root).
> 8. If the package installed correctly (which it should), you can
> remove the archive of the package.
> 9. Repeat with the next package, until you have installed all of them.
> The preferred order of installing these packages is:
> KDEkderequired-343
> KDEqt-334
> KDEpinentry-072-343
> If you are missing the libsunmath.so.1 libraries
> (under /usr/lib/libsunmath.so.1 and /usr/lib/amd64/libsunmath.so.1),
> you should also install
> KDEkderuntime-343 (this package installs these libraries).
> If you also want, you can install KDEblender-237a at this point. These
> packages are part of the "required" package bundle. Without these,
> KDE simply will not work at all.
> Now, you are ready to install KDE 3.4.3 proper. You should install
> these packages first, in this order:
> KDEkdearts-343
> KDEkdelibs-343
> KDEkdebase-343
> KDEkdenetwork-343
> KDEkdepim-343
> KDEkdemultimedia-343
> After this, you can install the packages in any order you like, it
> does not really matter. I would recommend you install everything,
> because there are many inter-dependencies, and, because if you skip a
> package, you will miss that functionality.
> After you are done installing the packages, there are some patches to
> be installed (which were released after the 3.4.3 distro), in the
> following order:
> KDE20060107-01
> KDE20060107-02
> KDE20060110-01
> KDE20060116-01
> KDE20060131-01
> KDE20060131-02
> KDE20060207-01
> The patches are archived and compressed exactly like the KDE packages
> (*.tar.bz2).
> You can install these patches with
> %> patchadd -M `pwd` <patch-package> # backticks, not single quote
> pkgadd and patchadd live in /usr/sbin. You should make sure /usr/sbin
> is in root's path.
> After installing all the patches, the installation is finished.
> Obviously, you don't need to keep the packages or patches after you
> have installed them. Now you can proceed to the configuration. To do
> this, please read the installation instructions (there are quite a
> few of them, there are some configuration files which need to be
> edited, and there is a small program named 'mkdtlogin' which needs to
> be run, and which creates your dtlogin session menu for KDE). Please
> read these instructions carefully. :-)
> You can download the 3.4.3 distro packages + patches here:
> http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/stable/3.4.3/SOLARIS/SUNSTUDIO10/IA32AMD32/REQUIRED/
> http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/stable/3.4.3/SOLARIS/SUNSTUDIO10/IA32AMD32/KDE/
> http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/stable/3.4.3/SOLARIS/SUNSTUDIO10/IA32AMD32/PATCHES.BINARIES/
> The installation instructions are here:
> http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/stable/3.4.3/SOLARIS/SUNSTUDIO10/INSTALLATION/
> This is just an example where you can find KDE 3.4.3. If you search in
> Google for 'KDE 3.4.3 Solaris', you will get many more sites where
> you can find the distro.
> If you run into problems, or have questions, just email me directly.
> --Stefan
> --
> Stefan Teleman          'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition'
> steleman at nyc.rr.com                          -Monty Python

I unpacked the archive, but I can't see any package files. Only directories
with sources. Where are the package files? What do I do next?
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