[kde-solaris] Pkg-get upgrade broke my KDE...

EBradley at williams-int.com EBradley at williams-int.com
Thu Feb 9 20:18:16 CET 2006



I hate to be a 'Chicken Little', but I ran pkg-get upgrade on my Solaris

10 SunBlade 100 and now I can't log into KDE.  I had been running KDE

3.4.2 (REV=2005.9.18) with no problems for a while now and during the

upgrade, I noticed that only kde_base was getting upgraded to 3.4.3

(REV=2006.01.08), while the rest of KDE was not.  I didn't think

anything of it at the time, but after rebooting, I can't log in to KDE.

The OpenWindows desktop starts to load, I see the KDM loading screen,

then a KDE error message pops up showing the 'bomb and gear' icon, but

there is no text in the error message, and then everything just freezes.

I have to power off the box and choose a different desktop session to

actually log in.


Is there a way to roll back the kde_base package to the previous

version?  If not, does anyone have an idea as to how I can begin

diagnosing this problem, seeing as I can't even log in to KDE?


Many thanks in advance,




Evan D. Bradley

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