[kde-solaris] kde-solaris Digest, Vol 28, Issue 8

Stanislav Lakhtin sl at whiteants.net
Thu Jul 21 15:14:49 CEST 2005

Hello, all.

After installing KDE-3.4.1 compiled by Stefan Teleman (thanks for it for 
this), i find many big and small problems.
1. In process starting at times emerded some dialog or error window, but this 
window behind information panel in moment "Initiallizing peripherals". 
Necessary press "Enter", and loading continue. What is the window?
2. In working arts exists some problem. I see this problems on working sound 
subsystem on SunRay hardware. I cannot write any sound signal from 
microphone, becouse in sound subsystem no exists any "Input device". Level of 
micropfone in "Output Device" work correctly in this time. If i must set any 
environment variable?
3. In this distribuive no exists taglib(libtag-xxx.so) library. In this case 
juk and amarok not work. I try compilling this library by studio10, but i 
can't get this. Error in process compilation: 

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