[kde-solaris] Install experience with SPARC KDE 3.4.1

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Tue Jul 19 01:09:25 CEST 2005

Hi Lars :-)

long time no posts from you. :-)

On Monday 18 July 2005 14:59, Lars Tunkrans wrote:
> Hello all,
> Well it was a while since I wrote anything on this list....
> Today I installed the latest sun -studio10  port of kde3.4.1  on  a
> Sunblade 1500  ( 1 GHz USIIIi  )
> Solaris  was  Solaris-11  Nevada-B16  which you can download from
> the opensolaris.org website.
> The things I  reflected on  as I did the installation was the
> following:
> 1.    I would be happier if  the packages was distributed  in
> Pkg-stream format.

something tells me that major improvements to the KDE Solaris distros 
are on their way. :-) it will be announced here in due time, not very 
long. yes, i am building up the anticipation with this cryptic 
sentence. :-)

> 2.    I needed  to copy my  /opt/SUNWspro/lib/libsunmath.so.1    to
> /usr/lib
>           This was a spanking new solaris  & studio 10 
> installation and  libsunmath had not
>           been copied to /usr/lib for any other reason previous to
> the KDE installtion
>          Studio 10 directories  was not otherwise in the PATH  for
> the test user.

this is the ld.so.1's security feature. since /opt/SUNWspro/lib is not 
in ld.so.1's default search path, it has to be added with crle. or, 
copying libsunmath.so.1 to /usr/lib does the trick too, because 
/usr/lib is in ld.so.1's default search path.

> 3.    I ran into the previously described problem with the Locales 
>  I usually  use
>        sv_SE.ISO8859-1     or   en_US.ISO8859-1 .
>        copying the file Xresources.KDE-3.4.1-32  to
> /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources.d/ Xresources.KDE-3.4.1-32
>        worked for me as well.

i will check if there is no sv_SE.UTF-8 locale on Solaris 10. 

>          I will need to work at this a bit  as  konsoles   started
> under KDE complains on locales......

this might be a Konsole Session setup thing. the Konsole configuration 
options are quite extensive (i.e. which session, which fonts, the 
$TERM env var, what to execute on Session startup). the defaults are 
pretty bland, and they may not work with a specialized locale like 

>     I realize the amount of work    put into this  project  as I
> built KDE 3.1  from sources a few times 2 years ago..
>      Thank you   Stefan.

thank you for your very kind words. :-)


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