[kde-solaris] Gentoo Portage on Solaris

Sunil funtoos at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 21:01:24 CET 2005

Hi Guys,

This is a request for beta-testing of portage on

If you regularly compile/build packages on solaris
from source, then portage is for you. I have created a
tar (34MB) which installs some basic packages in /opt
and then installs portage into /usr. Once the portage
is installed, installing packages is as simple as
'emerge <pkg>' e.g. 'emerge kde'. It will determine
all the dependecies and install them if required.

It supports regular Gentoo portage features(except for
sandbox), which include automatic use of ccache by
default, binary package creation/installation for
distribution and distcc if installed and setup.

By far the biggest benefit I got from portage is the
gentoo community and the patches that the community
can generate, not to mention the huge database of
package ebuilds.

This solaris specific portage install also supports
Forte compiler with a install in /opt/SUNWspro. You
just need to export COMPILER_TO_USE=SUN env. var
before you say 'emerge kde' for example. Set it to GCC
or "", to revert to gcc. Later installs will ask if
you have forte installed somewhere else. I have found
from my experience that gcc compiles more packages
without any changes than forte. But packages that
depend on third party plugins(like mozilla needs
flash), gcc compiled package will not run the plugins
correctly. So, you need to build them with Forte.

The tar is available at:


The topic is discussed here:


It is pretty stable but I won't recommend trying it on
a production system.


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