[kde-solaris] Is kde-forte's performance claim a myth?

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Wed Jan 19 08:01:41 CET 2005

rain cip wrote:
> Well said, Lars.  Thanks.  Just to further my 
> education on this topic.  How does the optimization
> level, i.e. the -O option, factor into the -xtarget
> and -xarch options in the examples you gave?

The optimization is not directly connected to the
architectural options.
SUN's cc/CC  has  five optimization levels  from
-xO1 to -xO5, and also a "-fast"  option that flips a
whole host of flags inluding "-xO5" . In the manual you are advised
to only use -fast on application code , not librarycode.


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