[kde-solaris] Is kde-forte's performance claim a myth?

rain cip raincip at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 01:25:00 CET 2005

I've read claims that the gcc compiler is
inferior than forte and how a kde package compiled
with forte could take advantage of the "better"
optimization of the forte compiler.  so I decided
to give the forte package a try.  Well, I have to
say I am hugely disappointed.  

Before installing the forte package, my system
has no SUNWmlib and no patch 111711-11 and 
111712-11.  The kde-gcc from the blastwave.org
ran as fast as the plain-old CDE.

Prior to installing the forte package, I removed
the kde-gcc and downloaded the latest and greatest
SUNWmlib.  The system already has the cluster 
patch installed.  Then I downloaded the FORTE 
package for Solaris 9 from this site:


Once I loaded up the minimum kde system, I fired 
it up immediately after rebooting the system.  Then
I started to move the console windows around to see
how quickly the graphics could keep up.  After 
reading all the hooplas about the complier
optimization, the media library, and etc, I was 
hoping to see instantaneous graphics rendering
when moving around the console window.  But in
reality, the trace of window redrawing is so visible
that the entire graphics rendering speed appears 
worse than the kde-gcc package.

How could this be?  Can someone give me some hard
evidence to prove that the kde forte package can
run faster than the kde gcc package?  Is there a
kde frame test tool that I can use to measure the
system speed?  

BTW, I put the "performance meter" right in the 
middle when kderpsonalizer asked me to set the
performance level.  The same setting I used for
the kde-gcc package.


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