[kde-solaris] Fix for bug #99585

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Thu Feb 17 16:19:55 CET 2005


As a bugfix for bug #99585 I have added a configure check that should 
disable the compilation of the keyboard status appleton systems that do 
not have XKB support.

Unfortunately I do not have access to any Solaris system, so I cannot 
verify whether this really solved the problem. Can anyone on this list 
please be so kind to test whether the current CVS version of 
kdeaccessibility compiles?

If the bug is fixed (which I suppose is the case) I would like to close the 
entry on bugs.kde.org.

Gunnar Schmi Dt

P.S.: Please CC me on your answers as I am not subscribed to this list.
Co-maintainer of the KDE Accessibility Project
Maintainer of the kdeaccessibility package
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