[kde-solaris] Adding KDE 3.4.1 to session menu in dtlogin

Mirko Raner mirko at raner.ws
Wed Aug 31 19:31:23 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I recently installed KDE 3.4.1 (SunStudio build) on a SunBlade 2500. 
After the usual little adjustments (installing libsunmath.so in 
/usr/lib, etc.) I can start KDE manually and it runs just fine. I also 
installed the kdedtlogin package, but KDE does not appear in the session 
list of the login screen.

I am aware of Michael Peek's make-dtlogin script, but I am somewhat 
reluctant to use it, because, frankly, the login screen looks a lot 
different now in Solaris 10, and some of the actions performed by that 
script don't seem to make sense to me. For example, make-dtlogin 
requires a bitmap that is supposed to be displayed when a particular 
login manager is selected. This makes perfect sense for the old dtlogin 
that I know from Solaris 9, but my login screen under Solaris 10 does 
not have any WM-specific image. Also, the content format of the 
/usr/dt/Xsession* files seems to be different from what is described in 
the original HOWTO on which make-dtlogin is based.

So, has anyone managed to add KDE to the dtlogin menu under Solaris 10? 
The KDE 3.4.1 installation is one of my very first experiences with 
Solaris 10, and I noticed that a lot has changed compared to Solaris 9, 
especially in the startup/init procedure (a lot of the S/K scripts are 
now replaced by svcadm, etc.). So maybe this is just a misconception 
about Solaris 10 on my part. At any rate, hints and suggestions are 


Mirko Raner

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