[kde-solaris] Installation Issues - Solaris 8

Mirko Tochtermann sisko at subscreen.de
Sun Apr 10 13:35:57 CEST 2005

Oscar del Rio schrieb:

> matthew.brooke at bt.com wrote:
>> I've eventually used "pkgadd -d ." On the Companion CD that Solaris 8
>> came with and installed KDE that way however I'm a little stumped as to
>> how I login using it and make it my default login manager.
> Check the Options menu in the login screen, under Sessions.
> KDE should be listed there

You might need to run the /opt/sfw/kde/dtlogin/install-dtlogin script as 
root first tho
(at least i had to on a fresh solaris10x86 installation).


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