[kde-solaris] NEW Scribus 1.2 packages for Solaris 8/9 uploaded

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Wed Sep 22 02:47:45 CEST 2004


Well, it turns out that doing gmake DESTDIR=$DESTDIR install (to 
install the distro in the staging area for building the Sun packages) 
doesn't really work with Scribus. It skips about half of what's 
needed to be installed, and i didn't notice it the first time. :-( 
Which explains why it would SEGV when trying to load a pixmap, since 
none of the icons or the splash screen get installed this way (also 
missing were the dictionaries).

So, i created new packages, the painful way:

%> cd /opt
%> mv kde-3.3.0 kde-3.3.0.BAK
%> mkdir kde-3.3.0

Then do a normal install of Scribus in /opt/kde-3.3.0, without 
$DESTDIR (which i know installs correctly). Then build the packages 
off /opt/kde-3.3.0 (which contains only Scribus at this point). Then 
rm -rf /opt/kde-3.3.0, then mv /opt/kde-3.3.0.BAK /opt/kde-3.3.0.

 I *think* i got them right this time.

I have uploaded the new packages (built this way) in the usual 
location (under KDE).

Would you be so kind and give it another try, and please let me know. 
Before starting up the new Scribus, you may want to remove the 
".scribus" directory which it may have created in your ${HOME} -- in 
case it tried to write something to scribus.rc and it wrote something 

Thank you very much to Lars and Mikael (in alphabetical order) for 
your help!! :-)



On Tuesday 21 September 2004 14:07, Mikael Dalsgard wrote:
> Do you have any other suggestions? I am willing to try whatever is
> needed.

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