[kde-solaris] impressions and feedback

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sun Sep 12 19:19:29 CEST 2004


   Well, I replaced my KDE 3.2.2 installation with stefans latest KDE 3.3.0
   I am running it on SunBlade 1500  Solaris 9 09/04

   What I did was " pkgrm -n KDEPackage "  for each of the old packages and then
   rename my users .kde  directory to kdeold.
   Then " pkgadd -d . " for the  REQUIRED and KDE  directories in Stefans package.
   Most if not all in the rest of the Install instructions was don last time around.

   The first thing I did was of course to test the Xglobe app.

   It did not work because the map file provide is a JPG file not a BMP.  I quickly
   moved over my BMP files from my FreeBSD/X86 installation, and Xglobe started to work.

   Thanks for this !!!!!!

   I am using this command string now:

   xglobe -pos 'fixed 50  15' -shift '-600 0' -nightmapfile nightmap.bmp -cloudmapfile cloud.bmp
   -cloudfilter 110 -shade_area 20 -dump -once -size %x,%y -nomarkers && mv xglobe-dump.bmp %f

   the reason for the "-shift '600 0' "  string is that I am running xinerama over two 21" screens

   this is my /etc/dt/config/Xservers  line:

   :0  Local local_uid at console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun +xinerama
       -dev /dev/fb0 defdepth 24 -dev /dev/fb1 defdepth 24

    So to get the full globe on one screen I need to shift it 600 pixels.


    To make Mozilla run, I had to add  /usr/sfw/lib  to the end of LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
    in  /opt/kde-3.3.0/bin/startkde .
    Yes I did read about the conflicts with libXML but as I added it to the end of the path
    I should be alrigth.

    For some reason  the  "konsole"  app was not included in my menu or Panel
    so I added it.

    The icon-buttons in the graphic utility "Kuickshow"  are  not visible. They work when pressed
    but the Icons are not shown on them.

    Sound & artsd  seems to be working smoothly in this release.



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