[kde-solaris] Openssl undefined variables in kde 3.3.0

Sunil funtoos at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 02:57:00 CEST 2004


With such a great response on my konqueror crash
issue, I think this is the right forum to ask for help
on a long time openssl issue. I have OpenSSL 0.9.7d
installed and konqueror loads it correctly thru
preferences interface where I specify its location and
ask it to test(under settings->crypto->openssl). Now,
when I visit a secure site, I see lots of these
messages on the terminal where I am running konqueror

kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: ld.so.1:
/usr/kde/3.3/bin/kdeinit: fatal:
OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms_conf: can't find symbol
others reported are :OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms,

these seem to be symbols from openssl 0.9.6 library,
what are these doing in kde 3.3 fresh install, when
there is no sign of such symbols in any openssl header
file and library installed on the system? kde
specifically(hard coded in the source) seems to be
interested in these symbols.

Any ideas on this one? Thanks for great help on this

PS: little off topic, if anyone's interested in using
Gentoo linux portage system to build packages from
sources on solaris let me know. I can make a beta tar
of portage available for testers.

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