[kde-solaris] [preannouncement] KDE 3.3.1 Solaris 8/9 SPARC Forte build

Christopher Layne clayne at anodized.com
Wed Nov 3 12:37:30 CET 2004

That's great. But how about we just back this up with actual timed testing
of KDE components and see for ourselves?


>   The 900 Mhz UltraSparc III-CU and later model processors has a
>   Branch prediction logic that enables the processor to prefetch
>   the right instructions after a branch and prevent Cache-miss main
>   memory instruction fetches.
>   This circutry gets enabled with the "xtarget=ultra3"  or "xtarget=ultra3i"
>   ( for the UltraSparc III-i processor )  compiler directives.
>   Then the performance differance is certainly  30%. Because you avoid a
>   large number of the execution pipeline stall's that you have otherwise.
>   //Lars
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